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Dubai: A Global City And A Great Travel Attraction

October 6 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel, #Travel & Tours

Dubai Tour Packages and Things to do in UAE or Places to visit in Dubai

Dubai Tour Packages and Things to do in UAE or Places to visit in Dubai

Isn’t it fascinating to travel to a place that is incredibly dynamic and energetic? Well if something like this appeals to you then you are sure to be a traveler who likes to explore new places. In this amazing world that we live in, the city of Dubai is an emirate of the United Arab Emirates. This Global city is one of the most popular travel destinations and is indeed very attractive. If you are interested in a wonderful holiday then what you need is some good Dubai tour packages.

With a lot of lovely places to offer and things to do, Dubai is a place where the travelers are sure to enjoy. This spectacular destination has everything you would need to enjoy a good vacation. From ultra modern structures to the beaches, Dubai has some amazing sights to offer. This city is also a shopping heaven and is known for its luxury. There is no end to the amount of entertainment here and with so much to offer, Dubai tour packages are to be loved.

While in Dubai you will have a lot of options to choose from for places to visit. From that long list, here is a suggestion for you.

Visit Ski Dubai :- Ski in Dubai sounds crazy doesn’t it? But that’s true and it is possible in Dubai, a place where every dream imagined can be turned into a reality. Dubai’s Ski Park is one of the city’s most attractive places and has a lot of fun to offer. This artificial snow park is indeed very interesting. It has an indoor mountain of the height of 85-meters with 5 different slopes that have different levels of difficulty. You also have over here penguins that are left out at regular intervals and visitors are free to interact with them. A visit to this exciting destination would make Dubai tour packages enjoyable.

Other than the Ski Dubai, you can also visit the Dubai Mall and the Bhurj Khalifa tower. There are many things you can do here. Planning is must and you should pick from suitable Dubai tour packages.

About the Author :- 'Alap Patel' is a student who has shared some useful tips for planning of Dubai tour packages.

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From Exceptional Monastries To Stunning Vallies Find It All In Bhutan

September 7 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

Bhutan is a once in a lifetime experience with breathtaking things to see both man made and natural beauties. Bhutan will bring a smile to your face. Its an amazing place where else would you find people trotting about in their national dress most of the time? Grab a Bhutan tours and see the extravagant beauty there, not only of the country but of the people there too! Here’s a list of amazing things to see and try.

The only capital in the world without any traffic lights ironically celebrates pedestrian day every Sunday of the month. A lot of culture and tradition it’s a mix hub of modernism and traditions, you can find out a lot of things about Bhutan pick up any Bhutan tours.

Bhutanese cuisine
Food is a very important thing and each place has their own specialty, delicious different types of dishes to offer. If you have been to Bhutan and not tasted their national dish no point of going to Bhutan be it through any Bhutan tour.

Taktsang Monastry
One of the highlights in Bhutan is the amazing trek to this monastery sure to leave your cheeks red from the climb and cool from the air blowing there. This place is popularly also known as the tigers nest.

The much awaited sight of the Himalayan range is a main reason for people visiting Bhutan for that amazing scenery so that is something defiantly not be it missed be it through any Bhutan Tour. Paro valley shows the beautifully crafted airport where the airport is. Coming out of the airport itself will make you happy on choosing such an amazing destination be it with any Bhutan tours !

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Kerala- A Vivacious Spot For Delightful Holidays

July 27 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

Kerala- A Vivacious Spot For Delightful Holidays

India is a land of diversities. The country is well Known for icts cultures, traditions, colors and festivals. Surrounded with huge water bodies, biodiversity, holy rivers and classic history, India Welcomes every open handedly visitors to explore attractions icts. Travel'any of the directions and you are safe to experience something stunning and exciting. Apparently, there are Many regions at this place Where You Could Start your excursion.

One of the various places in this country icts Known for excellence is Kerala. It is a beautiful state Located in tropical Malabar Coast of India. Further, it is Surrounded with Arabian Sea and covers around 600 kilometers of the total shoreline. Kerala holiday packages are majorly famous for palm trees, beaches, backwaters, houseboats, delicious cuisines and wonderful traditions. Bet, once visited, you will not find your time to escape from this place.

Traveling in Kerala Becomes more suitable When you opt for the lucrative Kerala holiday packages . Well, You Could start from the attractive city of Munnar. It is the city of incredible landscapes There are Many attractions to explore this place. One of Them includes the tea plantations. Munnar: has a wide stretch of tea gardens. Enjoy watching handpicked and manufacturing of tea leaves and sip a hot tea straight from the gardens.

Besides, you also have the option to trek Anamudi is The Highest peak in South India. Moving forward, You Could make your visit for Kerala backwaters. Get into a completely Call Call Call furnished houseboat with Entire amenities and comfort and take a cruise of the backwaters of Kerala along with delectable delights and blended drinks. Every time we Spent thesis and backwaters houseboat Would Surely Become memorable for you.

Apart from this, You Could aussi head on to the Periyar National Park. Explore the wildlife of Kerala icts with dense flora and fauna. Located at Thekkady, the park Could Be Explored with elephants gold from the boats. Watch the captivating sunset and varied species of wild life. Other than that, if you are bottom of beaches Then You shoulds not miss the opportunity to visit Varkala. One of the finest beaches of Kerala, Varkala aussi offers guest houses, shops, hotels and cliffs.

During your trip do not forget to take pleasure of various aspects --other That include traditional Kathakali dance Performed by professional artists, snake boat race and eating the aromatic cuisines served traditionally on banana leaf.

So, if you are set to pack your bags for a rejuvenating trip Then select your suitable Kerala holiday packages and move on to a Reviving trip to this place.

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Europe Tour Packages From Mumbai – Optimize The Deal

July 15 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Tour & Travels

Everyone dream of going on a holiday trip and having a quality time with their friends or family. Choosing to go to Europe is something that no one would miss, especially if you are a nature lover and fond of architectural masterpieces. Europe tour packages from Mumbai allows tourists to easily arrange the trip without any special efforts while staying within their budget limits.

Tour operators will do everything for you!

Tour packages to Europe generally cover the entire trip of the tourists, including reservation needed for hotels, taxi, sightseeing, etc. Reputed and reliable tour operators organize Europe tour plans keeping the budget of tourists in mind and also the amount of money they can save. They make all the needed preparations beforehand to avoid any kind of inconvenience to the travelers as well as to save their time and money on roaming here and there.

Online platform for tour packages

Europe tour

Europe tour packages from Mumbai can be chosen from online sources these days! Thus, the tour extremists are kept fully out of tension and efforts to plan their last minute trips to world attractions, including Europe. Online tour operators will plan the trip comprehensively and provide tourists with the choices of destinations and attractions that they can visit in the Europe trip.

Europe has many things to see and explore, so an adequate itinerary has to be developed in the given budget for making the most out of the trip. Tourists are recommended to consider various tour packages for Europe before making a final choice. With the right and budget-friendly tour package, tourists can stay peaceful knowing that they will have great time when they visit the second largest continent in the world.

Europe tours often include other must-visit countries, including France, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, etc. If your tour operator plan the trip properly and make right reservations in advance, you can optimize the tour package in the best possible manner.

Europe tour

Finding the best deal

Finding the best yet affordable tour packages to Europe includes some vital tips to follow. These tips benefit all pocket-sizes too. The key factors include the number of people in the group, financial constraints, and other important considerations. Going online is the best and easy way to find a travel agent and suitable tour packages. Search over the internet will help you access different travel operators who could help you find the best deals available for a memorable Europe trip.

You are advised to search through the options that are available to you and consider each one thoughtfully. Some appealing tour packages might include hidden costs so check and understand the package thoroughly before booking it. Give ear to opinions and first hand information by your friends and acquaintances. Looking over the online sources like review sites, tour forums and travel directories are proven options that will help you locate the best and most suitable tour package to Europe.

Keep your budget in mind before choosing any appealing or cheap looking tour package to Europe. You will not want to drain your pocket for some fun.

Author Bio :-

The author offers advice and assistance for planning trips to worldwide destinations. Choose the most affordable Europe tour packages from Mumbai and have a great time.

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Encounter The Wild And Historical Places With Your South Africa Tour Package

June 30 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

Marked by well-defined ecosystem, the country South Africa is located on the southern point of Africa. From penguins on the Cape to the hippos in the River Limpopo, from lush lands of wine around Paarl to the ragged cliffs of Good Hope, South Africa has a gazillion of places to offer for its tourists on their South Africa Tour Package. The most epic continent, where famous photographers from around the world woo their imagination South Africa, click those breathtaking pictures.

Widen your travel experience with your South Africa Tour Package.

Kruger National Park

Located in the north-eastern region of South Africa, Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves and national parks of the world. Famous for its safari species like leopard, lion, hippo, giraffe, elephant, rhino, zebra, cheetah and others, tourists also get to be the spectator of the diverse bird species like vultures, storks, eagles, and other varieties of animals. Apart from this startling wild life experience, it’s the bushy landscapes and the dense mountains that’s so mind captivating that you just can’t miss Kruger National Park on your South Africa Tour Package.

Port Elizabeth

Well known as PE by the natives, the city Port Elizabeth is located on the ruffle of Algoa Bay in the eastern region of South Africa. Majorly famous for its surf spot and n number of beautiful beaches, Port Elizabeth lets people experience the coastal boat tours to spectare the rare sea birds and enormous whales. Commodious gateway for your South Africa Tour Package, PE is a worthy destination with its industrial townships named after Nelson Mandela as Nelson Mandela Bay.


Named after the English Abbreviation for South Western Townships, Soweto is a township located in the city named Johannesburg. Well known for its tourist trails, travelers also know Soweto as one of the townships, which welcomes you to its historical importance. On your South Africa Tour Package from india, do not forget to visit the Hector Peterson Museum and respective homes of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

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The Best Time To Visit Norway Tour

June 13 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

Norway is one such country on earth which will make you realise if there is any other country on earth more beautiful than this?The varied landscapes that extend across the Arctic Circle are completely magical. The nature remains unspoiled and that is the reason enough for tourists who come for getaways to this place. Norway is surely way way different than any other place you might have travelled. The scenery and the natural beauty of Norway cannot be compared to anything else and looks like one of those calendar pictures hanging in your room. Now plan a norway tour as soon as possible because this is perhaps the best time to visit Norway. Set out on a Norway Tour and i am sure you won't be disappointed. Out of all the dramatic locations that this place has to offer there are certain places that will surely swipe you off your feet and will leave you nothing but enchanted.


Perhaps the best way to roam around this stunning countryside is by train. Norway's rail lines stretch more than 2000 miles covering some enchanting tunnels and bridges that will leave you awe-struck. Norway's rail network offers some interesting diversions like classic steam trains, gourmet train excursions and draisines which offer a wonderful experience on its own. If you are planning to go on rail journey make sure you go to Bergensbanen which has been voted as the world's best train ride. You look out of the window, and such astounding views will give you nothing but calmness and you would want to simply sit and never let the train journey end.


Hurtigruten is mostly famous for it's ferry systems which continues to be as the main vital connection and link between the far flung corners of the country. One of the major visited tourist location, the modern ships of Hurtigruten carry passengers on a daily basis. The ships here stops at various points starting from Begen and you can simply step out and explore this great country. You can explore Norway in a unique authentic style setting out on voyages which give you a feeling you cannot experience anywhere else in this world.


Topping the World Heritage Sites list this place has the best scenic location to be found anywhere. The views of the surrounding mountains and Geirangerfjord far below are nothing less than majestic and specatcular. Numerous cruises and tours are available to offer some breath-taking views and give you a surreal experience. But just in case if you feel like exploring this place via driving make sure you take the Winding Eagles road which offers you with some spectacular views on the way. You can try rafting or simply go for a hike in the mountains. You can alos enjoy the breath-taking cruise on Geirangerfjord and discover the Heritage FjordGeiranger. You can also get close to the Seven Sisters Waterfall.


Lillehammer is located above Lake Mjosa at the south end of the Gudbrandsdal valley. This is Norway's best year round tourist destinations while in the summers Malhaugen Park, an open air musuem consisting of more than 100 buildings which will take you back to history are the places visited. But the cherry on the top of the cake comes only when snowfalls here as you can indulge into various kinds of activities such as skating, curling and sleigh riding. Notable experiences worth not to be missed.

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Singapore - A Notable Destination For Reviving Holidays

June 8 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

There are destinations which offer you all sorts of breathtaking sights and landscapes that you won’t forget ever. And then there are places which instigate incredible adventures to keep up your adrenaline pumping. Fortunately, there are also some places which include combination of aforesaid aspects. One of them is Singapore, the multi cultured country which shows all the colors of prosperity, fun, enjoyment and rejuvenation.

No doubt, this enchanting country has a lot to explore and to discover. But on the same side, it also has various other things to do that could make your holidays even more memorable. Indeed, you could shop, eat and celebrate, but apart from that the activities over here would entice you in such a way that you would love to be a part of this country. Being with Singapore tour package you could expect something different for your holidays.

So, come to the hub of entertaining factors and experience the joy of vivacious life.

If you have a heart for art and culture then visiting to the museums would be an ideal start. The country includes arrays of national museums and fine arts including the very recent National Gallery Singapore. This museum displays modern Southeast Asian Art which is the largest public display of the world. Also, mark out the dates for Singapore Art Week and Singapore International Festival of Arts and you would come to know the specialty.

Head on to Little India, Chinatown and Kampong Glam and discover the amalgamation of culture, traditions, architectures and cuisines all at one place. Enjoy the multi ethnicity shopping and participation in festivals that keep on taking place round the year whenever you visit. Since the country has always been popular for its ancient significance, the surroundings and ambience would surely give you a nostalgic effect.

If you are a hardcore foodie then you would enjoy the taste of several scrumptious dishes to treat your appetite. Remember, Singapore has lots of restaurants that serve you all sorts of culinary. Further, if you are a sight seeker or a nature lover then the greeneries of this place would keep you charmed. A visit to the Gardens by the Bay and Botanical Gardens would give you the instances of same.

Besides, if you are an adventurer then there are several spots like Singapore Night Safari, Singapore flyer, Jurong Bird Sanctuary and Marina Bay to fulfill your purpose. And if you are a shopaholic then there are various shopping streets where you could shop out for every necessity. So, whether you are strolling during the day or enjoying the nightlife a reliable Singapore tour package would make your vacations truly remarkable. Try it out this holiday season.

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Amazing Places to Visit on Your USA Tour Package

June 3 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

They say United States of America is ‘the home of free and the land of brave' in their national anthem. Packed with varied culture and major historical events, USA also owns the pride of being brilliant in architecture, Hollywood glamour, as one of the major IT hubs of the world. USA has unlimited places to offer for the travelers’ eyes. With those parklands, cities, beaches, museums, buildings, and other attractive landmarks, USA has become one of the most visited places for the tourists in their USA Tour Package.

Get your backpacks ready for the amazing trip of USA Tour Package where you can get to witness the natural beauty of dazzling cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Boston, American culture, American food, and American music – all in all being Americano!

Central Park

Spreading across the elm lined walkways, rolling meadows, European style crafted lakes, and gardens, outdoor theatre, picturesque waterside eatery, statue of Alice in Wonderland, Sheep Meadows, to name a few. Do not forget to check out numerous attractions of Central Park when you prepare your checklist for your USA Tour Package. Also known as People’s Park, Central Park is now one of the most popular and most visited tourist attractions of United States of America.

San Diego Zoo

With more than 800 species and 3000 animals collected from different parts of the world, San Diego Zoo is also known for its beautifully landscaped set with all the replicating natural habitats. Where San Diego has its sister park named as San Diego Zoo Safari Park located in the northern part of San Diego County, a double-decker bus guides offering a bus tour for the travelers to check out huge San Diego Zoo. With huge pandas and apes including siamangs and orang-utan, Asian bears and other habitats can be seen playing with their fellow mates letting a delightful view for the visitors across the globe.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Being one of the biggest art collections’ houses in the world, Metropolitan Museum of Art is a sprawling encyclopedic museum. Antique pieces and other attractions are collected from all over the world including Egyptian temples, American Paintings, and masterworks from Arab, Turkey, Central Asia, Iran, Middle East and South Asia, makes Metropolitan Museum of Art a must visit in your USA Tour Package.

This American experience will be about so many things starting from beaches to bluegrass redwood jungles to snow-covered peaks, big open skies to big major cities.

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May 30 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

Norway is a Scandinavian country with mountains, glaciers and coastal fjords. Oslo is the capital of Norway. It is a city full of green spaces and museums and a collection of open air historic buildings. Norway is also known for fishing, hiking and skiing and other adventures and activities. Norway holiday packages are always fun and also offers various activities. Norway has several stunning places to visit like from large bustling cities to small fairytale villages situated in one of the Norway’s fjords.


Bergen is called ‘the city between seven mountains’ because it is surrounded by many mountains. It is Norway’s second largest city. It has been a great centre for trade throughout the ages. Today Bergen is an important centre for shipping and oil industries as well as for aquaculture, the food industry and education.


Lofoten is famous for midnight sun, northern lights, sea and mountains. It is an archipelago on the North-West coast of Norway just north of the Arctic Circle. It is one of the hidden places with untouched coastline, clear beaches, where mountains meet the sea, tones of fine and wildlife.


It is situated in Geirangerfjord which is considered as one of the most famous tourist places. It is surrounded by steep mountains which has made it the most visited destination in Norway. It also houses several impressive waterfalls. You can take a one and half hour cruise, which takes you out on fjord bringing you close to the cascading waterfalls, towering mountains and the abandoned mountain farms.


Gudvangen has dramatic and spectacular scenery. It is situated in the inner Naeroyfjord, which has been included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 2005. It is a popular tourist destination and an ideal place to start your trip in Sognefjord area. You can plan your trips with Norway holiday packages which will help you to cover all famous destinations with lots of entertainment, activities and fun.

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May 26 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

The temperature is soaring up and all you feel is heat waves in this summer season which is turnig out to be so cruel. Take a break and head down to Kerala and simply get lost amidst the greenery which will perhaps give you a reason to stay back longer. Indulge into the best of Kerala and what Kerala has to offer and i am very much sure that coming back will altogther be a difficult affair for you.


The whole experience seems much better if you avail the  Kerala Packages from Ahmedabad which has some interesting bargains like never before to make your trip the best trip you have had in recent times. So do not miss out on this one,neither miss out on this life changing trip to Kerala which has so many things to offer you that even a lifetime would be less to make full use of the riches that this God's own country has in store for you. You step down in Kerala and i am sure the beauty that lies there will unravel the traveller inside you and you can dwell into the calmness forever. The calmness and the pleasure that is unmatched.


Here are the list of things that you should do and places that you should visit while you are in Kerala and make the best use of Kerala Packages from Ahmedabad.


WATCH THE SNAKE BOAT RACES : More often than not you might have seen long boats and a number of people pushing hard to win the race,thats snake boat race for you. Simply watch this spectacular race in Alappuzha and cheer a long. This race that is held mostly from July to September and particularly during the Onam festival is one of the best and trademark things of Kerala. Rent a boat and watch this race from a closer distance.


TAKE A SPICE TOUR : There are plenty of plantations and gardens of spices in Munnar, Thekkady or Wayanand. Simply take a spice tour along these gardens and you will be delighted by the taste of black pepper,cardamom ,cinnamon and exotic vanilla. This will be an exploration worth the walk. Moreover the famous Abraham's Spice Garden in Thekaddy which costs only 200 serves the purpose of a spice tour in a dignified way.


COFFEE PLANTATION IN WAYANAD : Sip into your favourite cuppa coffee where it is brewed and made. This sounds so heavenly if you are a coffee lover. To make things better,you can even stay at a coffee plantation resort and indulge into all the activities like trekking and night safaris. What a bliss indeed!


BIRD WATCHING IN KUMARAKOM : If you are a bird lover then do not miss an opportunity to visit Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and spot some rare species of migratory birds while you are on a boat cruise. Combine bird watching with a house boat stay and you are in for a treat.

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