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Dubai: A Global City And A Great Travel Attraction

October 6 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel, #Travel & Tours

Dubai Tour Packages and Things to do in UAE or Places to visit in Dubai Isn’t it fascinating to travel to a place that is incredibly dynamic and energetic? Well if something like this appeals to you then you are sure to be a traveler who likes to explore...

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From Exceptional Monastries To Stunning Vallies Find It All In Bhutan

September 7 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

Bhutan is a once in a lifetime experience with breathtaking things to see both man made and natural beauties. Bhutan will bring a smile to your face. Its an amazing place where else would you find people trotting about in their national dress most of...

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Kerala- A Vivacious Spot For Delightful Holidays

July 27 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

India is a land of diversities. The country is well Known for icts cultures, traditions, colors and festivals. Surrounded with huge water bodies, biodiversity, holy rivers and classic history, India Welcomes every open handedly visitors to explore attractions...

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Europe Tour Packages From Mumbai – Optimize The Deal

July 15 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Tour & Travels

Everyone dream of going on a holiday trip and having a quality time with their friends or family. Choosing to go to Europe is something that no one would miss, especially if you are a nature lover and fond of architectural masterpieces. Europe tour packages...

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Encounter The Wild And Historical Places With Your South Africa Tour Package

June 30 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

Marked by well-defined ecosystem, the country South Africa is located on the southern point of Africa. From penguins on the Cape to the hippos in the River Limpopo, from lush lands of wine around Paarl to the ragged cliffs of Good Hope, South Africa has...

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The Best Time To Visit Norway Tour

June 13 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

Norway is one such country on earth which will make you realise if there is any other country on earth more beautiful than this?The varied landscapes that extend across the Arctic Circle are completely magical. The nature remains unspoiled and that is...

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Singapore - A Notable Destination For Reviving Holidays

June 8 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

There are destinations which offer you all sorts of breathtaking sights and landscapes that you won’t forget ever. And then there are places which instigate incredible adventures to keep up your adrenaline pumping. Fortunately, there are also some places...

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Amazing Places to Visit on Your USA Tour Package

June 3 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

They say United States of America is ‘the home of free and the land of brave' in their national anthem. Packed with varied culture and major historical events, USA also owns the pride of being brilliant in architecture, Hollywood glamour, as one of the...

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May 30 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

Gudvangen has dramatic and spectacular scenery. It is situated in the inner Naeroyfjord, which has been included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 2005. It is a popular tourist destination and an ideal place to start your trip in Sognefjord area....

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May 26 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

Kerala Packages from Ahmedabad which has some interesting bargains like never before to make your trip the best trip you have had in recent times. So do not miss out on this one,neither miss out on this life changing trip to Kerala which has so many things...

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