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From Exceptional Monastries To Stunning Vallies Find It All In Bhutan

September 7 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

Bhutan is a once in a lifetime experience with breathtaking things to see both man made and natural beauties. Bhutan will bring a smile to your face. Its an amazing place where else would you find people trotting about in their national dress most of the time? Grab a Bhutan tours and see the extravagant beauty there, not only of the country but of the people there too! Here’s a list of amazing things to see and try.

The only capital in the world without any traffic lights ironically celebrates pedestrian day every Sunday of the month. A lot of culture and tradition it’s a mix hub of modernism and traditions, you can find out a lot of things about Bhutan pick up any Bhutan tours.

Bhutanese cuisine
Food is a very important thing and each place has their own specialty, delicious different types of dishes to offer. If you have been to Bhutan and not tasted their national dish no point of going to Bhutan be it through any Bhutan tour.

Taktsang Monastry
One of the highlights in Bhutan is the amazing trek to this monastery sure to leave your cheeks red from the climb and cool from the air blowing there. This place is popularly also known as the tigers nest.

The much awaited sight of the Himalayan range is a main reason for people visiting Bhutan for that amazing scenery so that is something defiantly not be it missed be it through any Bhutan Tour. Paro valley shows the beautifully crafted airport where the airport is. Coming out of the airport itself will make you happy on choosing such an amazing destination be it with any Bhutan tours !

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