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May 26 2016 , Written by Alap Patel Published on #Travel

The temperature is soaring up and all you feel is heat waves in this summer season which is turnig out to be so cruel. Take a break and head down to Kerala and simply get lost amidst the greenery which will perhaps give you a reason to stay back longer. Indulge into the best of Kerala and what Kerala has to offer and i am very much sure that coming back will altogther be a difficult affair for you.


The whole experience seems much better if you avail the  Kerala Packages from Ahmedabad which has some interesting bargains like never before to make your trip the best trip you have had in recent times. So do not miss out on this one,neither miss out on this life changing trip to Kerala which has so many things to offer you that even a lifetime would be less to make full use of the riches that this God's own country has in store for you. You step down in Kerala and i am sure the beauty that lies there will unravel the traveller inside you and you can dwell into the calmness forever. The calmness and the pleasure that is unmatched.


Here are the list of things that you should do and places that you should visit while you are in Kerala and make the best use of Kerala Packages from Ahmedabad.


WATCH THE SNAKE BOAT RACES : More often than not you might have seen long boats and a number of people pushing hard to win the race,thats snake boat race for you. Simply watch this spectacular race in Alappuzha and cheer a long. This race that is held mostly from July to September and particularly during the Onam festival is one of the best and trademark things of Kerala. Rent a boat and watch this race from a closer distance.


TAKE A SPICE TOUR : There are plenty of plantations and gardens of spices in Munnar, Thekkady or Wayanand. Simply take a spice tour along these gardens and you will be delighted by the taste of black pepper,cardamom ,cinnamon and exotic vanilla. This will be an exploration worth the walk. Moreover the famous Abraham's Spice Garden in Thekaddy which costs only 200 serves the purpose of a spice tour in a dignified way.


COFFEE PLANTATION IN WAYANAD : Sip into your favourite cuppa coffee where it is brewed and made. This sounds so heavenly if you are a coffee lover. To make things better,you can even stay at a coffee plantation resort and indulge into all the activities like trekking and night safaris. What a bliss indeed!


BIRD WATCHING IN KUMARAKOM : If you are a bird lover then do not miss an opportunity to visit Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and spot some rare species of migratory birds while you are on a boat cruise. Combine bird watching with a house boat stay and you are in for a treat.

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